Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dog With Blog

Eureka! (Meaning: "I have it!", in this case a link. It will be presented at the end of this entry.)

A few days ago, my Good Old Friend, Mr Rajeev Rangarajan, introduced me to another one of his many Secrets of the Internet! This particular feature is so powerful that it must under no circumstances fall into the hands of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, because with such a thing, a man such as he could do almost anything!

Thus it is that I dare not share the link to this amazing "Webpage" with you, my Dear Readers, out of fear that it might be intercepted by the intolerable Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales! But I shall describe to you now what it does! It is a most wonderous thing!

It contains few ornaments, this page, mostly just a so called "logotype" that proudly proclaims the name of the company behind this Secret Service - or at least so claims Rajeev (may I call you Rajeev?), personally I find it an odd name for a company, but who knows - after all, this is the Internet.

However, what this page does contain, is a small box where the user might enter a string of characters, such as form the words in this very text, as well as a button featuring the optimistic words "I'm feeling lucky"!

I wasn't feeling lucky at the time, rather deeply suspicious that this might lead on to a so called "computer virus", such as recently infecting the computer of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, but after grudgingly clicking on the button with my "computer mouse", I was forced to reconsider: Now, I was indeed Feeling Lucky!

Prudence forbids that I betray what site my browser landed upon that day, nor the following several times I decided to "feel lucky". However, after some time it dawned on me that this device - which was apparently capable of finding anything you are looking for on the Internet - could be used for other purposes as well!

It was thus that I set out to bring some balance to the steady stream of cat-related nonsense on the Internet to which I have been subjected as of late. It was more than evident that there was no shortage of foolishness involving cats on the Internet for anyone who would care to look. But could there - my philosopher mind shook with the realization that this could be so - would there perhaps be some sensible material out there as well, related to dogs?

With trembling hands, I entered my so called search phrase into the designated box: "Dog". I then hit the Magic Button of Luck.

And bear with me momentarily as I pass on an old tradition and gloat for a second, but what did I find, if not exactly the sort of thing that I had been hoping that I was looking for!

Yes, it is will no small pride that I present to you now my latest find on the Internet: It is....a Dog with a Blog!

As a Philosopher, it is of course tremendous fun for me, personally, to be able to bring this radically new piece of evidence to the table in respect to the age old philosophical question: What If Dogs Could Talk!

And with that, the ball, as they say, is in your goal, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

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