Monday, January 19, 2009

Not A Virus After All

It turns out that the reason the computer of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales recently turned irresponsive, was not, as initially ignorantly speculated by Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, a so called "computer virus".

Indeed, had not Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales fallen victim to the sharp wits of the same 6 year old who later reverted the condition that he, himself, had brought upon the hapless computer - doublessly more than grateful for the break from its place at the receiving end of the pork stained typing fingers of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales - all deviously planned in detail so that he might be perceived of as the Hero of, as they say, the so called "day"?

So, not a virus. Still very funny, though.

And with that, the ball, as they say, is in your goal, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

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