Monday, January 19, 2009

Of Cats And Dogs

Apparently my potentially good old friend (we shall have to see how this turns out) Mr Rajeev Rangarajan has started some kind of new religion where cats are the Gods of dogs. It is all very confusing, but I will wait in good patience to see if this is all not perhaps just some kind of big misunderstanding on his part.

I just wonder what Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales makes of all that - he of the many videos featuring babies and cats!

And with that, the ball, as they say, is in your goal, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!


  1. No, no! My religion is not that! You misunderstood! I follow Ganesha, Elephant of wisdow! And sometimes Muruga, when I very upset with Padman, but mostly Ganesha! But I cannot vote on your voting. Mr. Morales is friend of mine. But I follow your blog with interest!

  2. Ahhhhh, how nice to see others enjoying the pleasures and joy of animals. I often tell people who I come across on my many journeys that, should they ever fell sad or lonely, to get a pet or a bird. It provides them (the lonely people) with a sense of belonging like that little bird or cat turns into a friend of sort. And isn't that why we are on this planet? To make friends? But ultimatly we are lonely,like planets we travel through are lifes only to sometimes meet and make a friend. Therefor I am very Happy, to hopfully call you, Dear Horace Q. Horatius my Friend on the Blog.

    Sincerly yours,
    Lo Hoang Lai

  3. Dear Mr or Mrs (or possibly Ms?) Lo Hoang Lai!

    It is with the Greatest of Joy that I proudly proclaim that you have a Friend on the Blog in me!

    I have now discovered your eminent "Weblog" by means of clicking on the link with your name, above, and then by clicking on the link that bears the wonderfully seductive name of your most profound "Weblog", "Quitely, I note"!

    It is so full of wisdom! Quite unlike, I must say, the blatant drivel concocted by that dribbling madman, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales. I advice everyone to read your "Weblog".

    Thank you for your blessing words, and let us now hope that we can become a team of mutual "Weblog" followers, such as for example I do now follow yours - and you might very well start following mine, it is quite easy, all you have to do is click the little link saying "follow this blog", you see - in that we together will get many, many more such "Weblog" followers of each other than, say, that nincompoop Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

    Sincerely, Politely and, if applicable, In Reverence of Your Beauty,

    Mr Horace Q. Horatius

  4. Ahhhhh, My Dear New Friend Mr. Horace Q. Horatius,

    I am now a proud follower of your blog (and when I have proven worthy of yout humblest of clicking on the same place on my "weblog" I hope you will one day be a follower of mine.

    Let the Sun of Wisdom Shine on You,

    Friend and Sincerley Yours,
    Lo Hoanh Lai