Sunday, January 18, 2009


It is with no small surprise, and a certain amount of odd pleasure, that I note how Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales takes time from his busy schedule of tireless tirading to answer perhaps his longest standing and most devestating critic of all times. He does so, of course, as befits a man of his character, by pretending he has never heard of me.

This ridiculous, so called "ad-hominem" attack I can withstand, because the weakness of that claim can only serve to emphasize my authority in the matter. What bothers me more is how Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales finds it for good to carfully avoid my many - and, yes I am sure, uncomfortable - direct questions and/or concrete demands for clarification!! A simple "Yes" or "No" would have done well, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales! Stop wriggling around the issue, like a worm around its hook!

Furthermore, is all his self-obsessed pride, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales proposes his preposterous conspiracy theory that I should have started this "Weblog" only to bring rain on his hallucinated parade!

Well, it may have stared out that way, of course, but since then I have come to discover that the Internet is Big. Very Big. Bigger, even, than the "Weblogs" of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales and Yours Humblest! While Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales can not be expected to lessen the grip of his solid position on the throne as King of the Fools on the Internet, a new miscreant in need of more than a few of my well meaning, and always humblest, pointers and opinions has surfaced on my Internet "radar": A certain Mr Rajeev Rangarajan, with his own "Weblog", no doubt named after himself, "Under My Mango Tree".

While it has yet to be determined if he will prove as stubbornly resistant to all forms of correction as Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, he is in no short need of such help. It should therefore be completely clear to anyone, even Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, that in no shape or form was this "Weblog" started to "discredit" only him!

Appallingly, the Internet is apparently also big enough that it contains a moving picture episode featuring a small baby and a cat! How adorable, you must think, as did I. Thus, it was so that I, against all the better knowing fibers in my body, momentarily disobeyed the very laws of logic and decency and clicked with my computer "mouse" on an Internet item provided by none other than Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

Morality forbids me to retell the horrors awaiting the unsuspecting eye that followed. Suffice it to say, that you can never trust a certain Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales - not when it comes to matters of adorable babies and cats, nor ever.

And with that, the ball is, as they say, in your Goal, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!


  1. I, Jimmy "slim" Morales, don't need to hide. I know that I am right, and so stand up for what I believe! Not all man can say that.. So I say to you, what do you believe in? Not I expect answer, but because truth have to come out!

  2. I just want to add that I can testify to Mr. Morales person. I´ve known him for the better parts of two years, and he is very good man. Not all man are like that.

  3. Ah, Mr Rangarajan, it is so good to hear from you! Lacking a formal introduction, I have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity to properly address you. I am aware, with some interest, of your existence, "thanks" (though it breaks my heart to use this word under such circumstances) to our common, shall we say, "aquaintance", Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales.

    I harbour no ill sentiments towards you, and in the interest of the greater brotherhood of man, I am even prepered to overlook that hardly slight misstep you erronously committed by testifying to the character of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales.

    Two years, you say! Is that enough, I ask you, to truly know the Vile of the Cobra, the Treasonousness of the Fox, the Misgiving of the Ferret? I ask these things of you, because as a man of such wisdom in the nature of things (do you Meditate?) surely you must by now be eager to follow my so called "drift"?

    These words I say to you in Passion, Rajeev Rangarajan, that you may not take them lightly: Should you shun the irresponsible ramblings of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, see the errors of your former delusions and join the side of sense and reason, you would forever, or at least in so far as you agreed with me, have a friend, or at least an online supporter in those your aligning opinions, in me, Horace Q. Horatius.


    Horace Q. Horatius.