Monday, January 19, 2009

Jimmy "Slim" Morales Attracts Virus

Today I read a great piece of news: It seems that the computer of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales has been struck with a so called "computer virus", rendering it unresponsive and thus incapable as an instrument of delivery for the putrid ponderings of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

Unfortunately it seems some unavoidably more gifted relative of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, who, unlike Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, has allegedly developed to the intellectual hights of a 6 year old and perhaps beyond, was able to rescue the computer of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, regrettably restoring it to its former, sadly depressing function in life as the bearer of the simpleton speculations of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales.

Here's to hoping that your computer catches another "cold", Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

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