Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Internet Is Made Of Cats!

The Cat Craze Continues! Who would have ever thought that the Internet would be so full of Cats?

The latest chapter in this ongoing saga of Cats and the Internet involves a tragically misled young Danish Neurolinguist by the name of William Telling Jr, who in his eagerness to contribute to the finest activity known to man, as the Famous Mr Wittgenstein once said, that is, Philosophy, instead committed the oldest fallacy known to the Art: that of Insufficient Familiarization with the Subject Matter at Hand!

Amusingly, to the learned professional, Young Mr William proposed a solution to the dilemma, as originally proposed by Mr Schrödinger, that involved modifying the number of cats in the positive direction. Ever humble, but also obeying the principles of the professional philosopher, I offered to help this young, aspiring amature with a few helpful pointers. Almost immediately I heard a "ding" that I had never heard before - it turned out to indicate that my young protoge had sent me a so called "email", soliciting for my advice in my Expert Domain - Philosophy!

It took no short amount of "emails" to set this young seeker back on the path of correctness, but now I think I have done it! At least he has revoked his ridiculous "two-cat" theory, which will allow me to sleep well at night, knowing I have done what I can to do my part to stop this terrible wave of nonsense involving the Internet and Cats!

And with that, the ball is, as they say, in your goal, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

1 comment:

  1. Hello again, Mr Pompous!

    I thank you again for the link to the wikipedia article about Schrodinger's Cat, but that is hardly something I could not have found myself!!

    I will have you know that my name is William Rasmusen Jr, not William Telling Jr, thank you very much!! William Telling is just the name of my blog! It is a pun, on William Tell, but you wouldn't understand that, why am I not surprised?! Learn to read, oldtimer!

    And, just for the record: I am NOT your "protoge"!!!

    Thanks again for the link.