Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enough is Enough

For every man there comes a time when the line must finally be drawn, and for me that man was Jimmy "Slim" Morales. I am clearly not a missionary. I would never so much as dream of imposing my opinion, however humble, on anyone who did not ask for it. But Jimmy "Slim" Morales did ask for it! He practically begs to be corrected, in all his wreckless opining about this to the left, that to the right. I am sure I need not reiterate, that the name of this so called "Weblog" is "My Humblest Opinion". How would I dare to make it otherwise? I am not one, unlike Jimmy "Slim" Morales, to voice my concern where it belongs not! Not I! But Jimmy "Slim" Morales, now he is another man, altogether.

So, Jimmy "Slim" Morales: Man Up!

This Nonsense needs to stop! As Napoleon said: "Before the little man thinks, the Great Man needs to think a head". Will you stand for these "so called" opinions that you have brought upon us all, or will you take, as Mr. Bonaparte did say, the "little man's way out"!?

The ball is now, as they say, in your goal, Mr. Jimmy "Slim" Morales.

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